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Dungeon Venture Board Game

GIOGU040 Dungeon Venture Board Game published by Giochi Uniti

Venture, is a fast, simple game of dungeon adventuring, where brave heroes undergo a quest to foil the schemes of the Evil Keeper. The heroes adventure in a deadly dungeon, where lurks a formidable Servant of the Darkness, otherwise known as a Boss. Heroes must locate and do away with this villain, but each time a hero falls in battle, rests at a shrine, or acquires treasure, they empower the Servant of the Darkness who waits for them at dungeons end.

Contents List:

  • Mounted Boards
  • Cards
  • Counters
  • Player boards
  • Rules
  • Box
  • Dice
  • No. of Players: 2 - 5

    Duration: 60 to 150 minutes

    Min. Age: 8

    Price: 28.99
           (RRP is 39.99)