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Do: Fate Of The Flying Temple RPG

EHP0016 Do: Fate Of The Flying Temple RPG published by Evil Hat Productions

EHP0016: Do: Fate Of The Flying Temple RPG is Out of Stock

Dear Pilgrims of the Flying Temple,

We need your help

So begins the latest letter your troupe of pilgrims has received. Theres only one problemthe Flying Temple has disappeared, leaving only a single dragons egg in its place! Its up to you and the other teenaged pilgrims to carry on with the temples work, helping the residents of the Many Worlds with their problems. But it wont be easy. Evildoers plot to take advantage of the temples absence; there are no monks to give advice on how to deal with them, and your young dragon gets you into trouble as much as it helps you. But you cannot ignore the people of the Many Worlds when they turn to you for help

Do: Fate of the Flying Temple is a family-friendly standalone roleplaying game. This book contains everything you need to set off for adventure in the windpunk setting of the Many Worlds. In this game, you can fly with dragons, solve problems and puzzles, and defeat the bad guys just like the heroes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and How to Train Your Dragon.

Price: 13.49
       (RRP is 15.99)