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Deck Box With Compartment - Blue

FFGFFS57 Deck Box With Compartment - Blue published by Fantasy Flight Games

This product consists of one Blue deck box.

Find the perfect storage for cards from your favorite LCG or other game with the Fantasy Flight Games Deck Box. This boldly-colored container is made of sturdy polypropelene plastic and safely holds up to 100 sleeved cards. A smaller, detachable compartment fits snugly underneath to secure all your necessary tokens and dice.

You can add greater personality to any Fantasy Flight Supply Deck Box, by making use of its removable clear front plate. You can use the space behind this front plate to proudly display your favorite card or to associate your deck box with a specific game by showing any card back. This means your Deck Box is not only sturdy, but also stylish!

Price: 7.49
       (RRP is 8.99)