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Dead Of Winter Foam Box Insert

MIFM6378201 Dead Of Winter Foam Box Insert published by Mini Foam Studio

Our Dead of Winter box insert holds all the cards for Dead of Winter along with player sheets, location cards, tokens, dice and all the standees. There is enough room in the card bays to configure them however you want - you can have a special bay just for Crossroads cards, and one bay for the item cards for each location - it is up to you.

The Dead of Winter inserts also feature "Standee Slots" around the perimeter of the insert. You can use the slots to place standees for quick access to survivors, additional zombies, special infected, or however else you choose. The Dead of Winter inserts come with adhesive on the bottom; a unique feature to Mini Foam Studio inserts that allows you to fix them to the bottom of your box.

Price: 12.99
       (RRP is 15.99)