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D-Day At Tarawa

DCG1025 D-Day At Tarawa published by Decision Games

DCG1025: D-Day At Tarawa is Out of Stock

D-Day at Tarawa. Based on John Butterfields CSR Award-winning D-Day at Omaha Beach system, this solitaire game presents the critical days of fighting at platoon and company scale. You command the invading American forces against the dug-in Japanese defenders, controlled by the game system. Tarawa covers the landings on Betio Island in November 1943, and the operations of the US 2nd Marine and 27th Infantry divisions to clear the Islandthe first heavily contested landing of the Pacific War. The battle for this tiny Island raged for four days and when it was finally over, less than 200 of the 5000 Japanese defenders remained alive.

Contents: One map, two counter sheets, and 55 cards.

No. of Players: 1

Price: 58.99
       (57.52 after automatic discount!, RRP is 71.99)