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Conflict Miniatures RPG Rulebook

CRP27B1001 Conflict Miniatures RPG Rulebook published by Conflict Games

Most RPGs involve groups of players pitted against a challenge orchestrated by a GM, but there are times when that guy on the other side of the game table, man, you just want to slap the overconfident grin off his stupid mug. If you want player vs player competition; if you're looking to provide your customers with a chess match that pits their wits against real-world prey -you want the Conflict Roleplaying Rulebook!

What is Conflict Roleplaying: At its heart, Conflict is like any other roleplaying game. You have stats that determine what your character can do, you determine his actions, and you roleplay his exchanges with the world. The difference is that Conflict focuses on tactical combat versus other players and teams. Driving the combat are clearly defined objectives and your team will to win. Characters classes, abilities, feats and your choices on how to use them are not limited in anyway. In Conflict, the only thing that limits your character is your teams ability to execute a strategic plan and of course, the opposing team.

This system is fully compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook. This book also contains the framework needed for GMs to create their own clever Conflict designs.

Whats Inside of the Book:

This RPG system is uniquely designed for competitive, team vs. team roleplaying which includes:

  • Passcards Double-sided 8x11 templates to adjudicate player characters hidden movements and actions.
  • Pre-generated characters and teams for immediate play with easy to modify stat blocks for each character.
  • The Battlepoint System A simple calculation for ensuring game balance among characters and levels.
  • Match Types Different objectives, challenges or scenarios that make each match surprisingly unique.
  • Map Elements Magical devices that you place before the match to hinder opposing teams or enhance your own teammates.
  • Conflict Laws Universal rules that dictate character environmental handicaps, player interactions and classes.
  • Team Feats New Feats that grant bonus and special abilities to teammates when they compete together.
  • A list of enemy taunts and battlecries. Handy combat charts for easy reference and even a list of funny team names for your group.
  • Price: 11.49
           (RRP is 13.99)