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Colonial Gothic RPG: Flames of Freedom: Boston Besieged

ROG1778 Colonial Gothic RPG: Flames of Freedom: Boston Besieged published by Rogue Games

Flames of Freedom: Boston Besieged, is the first volume in an epic campaign for Colonial Gothic. In this book you will find our guide to the great city of Boston, and a ready-to-play adventure which sets the stage for the entire Revolution. Secret plots, secret cults, and mysteries abound, as you explore the city of Boston during the last days of the siege. You are at the start of the revolution and will be caught up in a series of events that will take you from one end of the colonies to the other. That is if you survive Boston first.

Written by Graeme Davis and Richard Iorio II, Flames of Freedom: Boston Besieged is the first part of a four-part campaign for Colonial Gothic. The campaign written and designed by both Davis and Iorio, will follow the course of the American Revolution, and many of the secrets mentioned in the game are about to be revealed.

Price: 8.49
       (RRP is 9.99)