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Burano Board Game

ES4BUR01 Burano Board Game published by EmperorS4 Games

ES4BUR01: Burano Board Game is on Sale

Burano, also known as the lace island, is extremely famous for its brightly colored houses, and Burano lace was highly admired and widely requested by royal families all over Europe

Players represent a family leader on this little island. They can send men to fish or women to lacemaking to generate income. In order to make a good living you have to figure out how to organize family members to complete the work most suitable to them. It depends on you to earn the glory for your family and outshine all the other families.

The game is played over 4 seasons, 14 rounds altogether. Through the cube pyramid-driven mechanism, players take turns paying coins to operate their cube pyramid during each round. Players select a coloured cube from their pyramid that is not supporting other cubes in the pyramid and place it on an empty space on the board. The colour of the cube placed triggers a certain action such as fishing, lace making, and house roofing, which will earn players Victory Points. As the island has finite space, players will have to start building roofing on these 'house' cubes which will provide new spaces to place further cubes

No. of Players: 2 - 4

Duration: 90 to 120 minutes

Min. Age: 14

Price: 24.99
       (RRP is 68.99)

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