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Bulldogs! D20 RPG Campaign Setting

GGI2000 Bulldogs! D20 RPG Campaign Setting published by Galileo Games

Bulldogs! is a science fiction role-playing game set in a distant galaxy. The emphasis here is not on the science, the emphasis is on the action. Bulldogs! is sci-fi that kicks ass.

Bulldogs! can work well as a quick pick-up game, or as a long campaign. The book includes several long-term campaign ideas, but there really is no limit to what you can do in the Bulldogs! galaxy. This 216-page book contains:

  • 10 new character races.
  • Rules to create your own unique races, usable for any d20 game.
  • 6 new primary classes, including the Bounty Hunter, the Space Pilot, the Engineer, and the Space Pirate.
  • New skills and feats appropriate for the science-fiction setting.
  • 20 pages of new weapons.
  • Starship combat rules.
  • Price: 13.49
           (RRP is 15.99)