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Brawl Card Game: Bennett

CAG231 Brawl Card Game: Bennett published by Cheapass Games

CAG231: Brawl Card Game: Bennett is on Sale

BRAWL is a real time card game. That means each player goes at his own pace, with no turns. It's a fighting game, where the object is to play the most "Hits" on your side of the table before the game ends. That usually happens in less than a minute. BRAWL is packaged in 35-card decks, and each deck represents a unique character with a different mix of cards, and each player needs one deck to play.

BRAWL can also be played in a turn-based "Training Mode." This is a strategic game variant which teaches you how the cards work without all the pressure of the real-time play. We think you'll enjoy both styles of play, but we prefer the real-time game.

Bennett is a thoughtful fighter, the slowest in the set. He has the strength to accomplish anything, but is seldom sure of what he wants.

  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Advantages: Slippery. Many Bases and Clears.
  • Weakness: Biased. Few hits in Red and Green.
  • Price: 3.99
           (RRP is 7.99)