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Base Raiders RPG: Superpowered Dungeon Crawling

SLD200 Base Raiders RPG: Superpowered Dungeon Crawling published by Zombies Of The World

SLD200: Base Raiders RPG: Superpowered Dungeon Crawling is Out of Stock

Every superhero and villain disappeared a year ago. Some of their secret labs, headquarters, and lairs were found, but many more remain hidden. Treasures, unique artifacts, and secret knowledge can be found in the bases, prizes worth risking death from the traps and guardians left behind.

A new class of base raiders emerged to find and loot the abandoned bases. The secrets of gaining superpowers spread when base raiders sold, traded, or gave away what they found.

Now, anyone brave or foolish enough to find the black market can buy a knockoff super soldier drug or magical artifact to use in their own quest to become more than human.

The superhumans of today are not enforcers of an old status quo. They are visionaries, madmen, idealists, fanatics, heroes, villains, and base raiders. Join their ranks. Change yourself. Change the world.

Price: 16.49
       (RRP is 22.99)