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Baby Blues Card Game

IBCBBB1 Baby Blues Card Game published by Indie Boards and Cards

IBCBBB1: Baby Blues Card Game is on Sale

In Baby Blues, every player is an employee in a daycare centre. You are responsible for five babies, and you will have to do anything that is needed to keep them happy. As soon as they start crying, you won't be able to make them happy again.

If you don't have the right cards to keep your babies happy, don't worry. Your colleagues are there to help! During your turn you can trade cards with other players. If you receive the right card in your turn you can still make your babies happy again and prevent them from crying. But be aware your colleagues can also try to trick you by giving a different card as the one they promised! So do you want to make friends so you maybe could also get a little help later in the game or do you just want to make your colleagues completely mad? It's up to you!

No. of Players: 3 - 5

Duration: 30 minutes

Min. Age: 14

Price: 7.99
       (RRP is 18.99)