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Automobile Board Game

Automobile Board Game

MFG4521: Automobile Board Game is Out of Stock

Automobile carries you back to the birth of Americas car industry, when inventors, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs created a wild array of marvels and misfortunes. You step into this rough, romantic trade hoping to create a fortune by building and selling cars. Tapping the talents of men like Ford, Sloan, Kettering, Howard, Durant, and Chrysler, you balance quality versus quantity, mass production versus premium branding, and innovation versus distribution and aggressive sales. Lose your balance and you go bust. Strike the best balance, shift the right gears to best your rivals, and youll be rich.

You might even win. So, pull up your sleeves and start making cars!

No. of Players: 3 - 5

Duration: 120 minutes

Min. Age: 13

Price: 32.99
       (RRP is 43.99)