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Arkright's Mill Organizer

MPR1103 Arkright's Mill Organizer published by Meeple Realty

MPR1103: Arkright's Mill Organizer is Out of Stock

This game organiser is supplied unassembled and is compatible with the following games:

Compatible with the following games:

  • Arkwright


  • 4 separate trays that allows for easy setup for different variances of the game.
  • Individual players trays with dividers for different type of tokens.
  • 2 money trays
  • Workers tray that allows for easy setup of the game.
  • Unique 1st player marker in form of Spinning Jenny.
  • Resource tray for machine and goods tiles.

    The insert is designed so that pieces snap into place, but due to variances in wood, glue may be necessary to secure the pieces together. We recommend wood glue, but quick drying glue works as well.

    Assembly time: Roughly 90 minutes

    This is an officially licensed insert form our friends at Capstone Games!

  • Price: 36.99
           (RRP is 42.99)

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