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Area 1851 Board Game

GSTAREA185101 Area 1851 Board Game published by Game Salute

GSTAREA185101: Area 1851 Board Game is Out of Stock

Aliens from a distant world have landed, keen on trading their interstellar gadgets for what we humans see as mundane junk. You are one of the area's most forward thinking Tinkerers and you're obsessed with incorporating the Aliens new technology with the items of the Settlers and Indian tribes. You'll need to send out your assistants to scavenge for parts, create some of the strangest devices you ever did see and earn yourself some reputation.

Each turn players will have to deal with and negotiate random events in the area, then continue the turn under those circumstances by drawing Tinker cards to fill their hand up to five cards, followed up by rolling dice to determine their resources for that turn. Players then spend those resources to build new Gadgets or augment their existing Gadgets with Modifications. These Gadgets and Modifications can then be delivered to the townsfolk for Reputation. In addition players can choose to scrap cards from their hand and pull them out of circulation. To assist them in their endeavor to build the best contraptions in the land, players will utilize three Assistants that they are granted one at a time as play progresses. You'll need to activate the Assistants in order to provide bonuses from various locations around town.

Players also have the opportunity to show their worthiness by picking up new Feat cards during their turn. Completing these Feats provide a nice boost in Reputation either during or at the end of the game. Since it's hard to keep all your thoughts in one place as a Tinkerer, players end the turn by passing their hands around the table to a neighbor. The player that has earned the most Reputation from delivering Gadgets and accomplishing Feats wins!

No. of Players: 2 - 5

Duration: 60 minutes

Min. Age: 13

Price: 48.99
       (RRP is 56.99)