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Arcadia Quest Board Game: Viola And Crash Expansion

CMNAQ024 Arcadia Quest Board Game: Viola And Crash Expansion published by CoolMiniOrNot

CMNAQ024: Arcadia Quest Board Game: Viola And Crash Expansion is Out of Stock

Most demons prefer the direct approach to combat, but Viola likes her violence to be a surprise. And, now that shes turned-coat against Inferno (hey, shes a demon, after all!) and works for the Arcadian guilds in Inferno, what surprises she can spring! Demons are a deceptive lot by their very nature, but Viola has turned it into an art. She lures her victims closer with puppies, ice cream, or interpretative dance, and then wham! She has them! This is particularly effective against her fellow demons, specially the ice cream.

The Lords of Inferno once considered Crash an up-and-coming demon. He took a particular zeal in his job as an Underworld warrior, so they did what any good managers would do - they promoted him. At first, Crash was excited. Then he found out about the paperwork and one-on-one meetings. His team of demons had low morale and complained that he didnt understand them. Soon, Crash couldnt kill anyone without the approval of Infernos HR department. His underlings started showing up late and making fun of him. It was too much. He snapped and joined the Arcadians. Better to serve in a guild than manage in hell. When he sees a minion, any minion, he makes sure to take his revenge.

Price: 13.99
       (RRP is 16.99)