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Arcadia Quest Board Game: Rosh And Mamba Expansion

CMNAQ023 Arcadia Quest Board Game: Rosh And Mamba Expansion published by CoolMiniOrNot

CMNAQ023: Arcadia Quest Board Game: Rosh And Mamba Expansion is Out of Stock

Mamba was lonely living in her cave near Arcadia. Being a naga, people and monsters alike gave her space, lots of it. No one really likes snakes. She would try to mesmerize people into talking to her (to keep them calm) but that didnt work. She tried hiding and starting casual conversations, but when she revealed herself, the person she was talking to would always flee with an excuse about trying on boots or sandals. Since Arcadias being threatened, the Guilds need heroes, so even a naga is welcome. Shes so excited at being around others that shes taking every excuse to get close and do some friendly constricting. Shes not sure why so many tasty-looking heroes seem nervous around her.

Once Rosh was an alchemist, continually looking for a way to regrow an arm he had lost in battle. His obsession knew no bounds and after he recovered research notes from Dr. Spider, he decided to combine his blood with that of a lizard. One fateful night, he completed his formula and regrew his arm, but it transformed him into the Reptilian Rosh! He blames that Spider person for what happened, but his regeneration has proved quite useful. Besides the whole non-human aspect of his metamorphosis, the only other downside is that he can no longer bring himself to eat chicken.

Price: 13.99
       (RRP is 16.99)