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Arcadia Quest Board Game: Anvil And Valma Expansion

CMNAQ025 Arcadia Quest Board Game: Anvil And Valma Expansion published by CoolMiniOrNot

CMNAQ025: Arcadia Quest Board Game: Anvil And Valma Expansion is Out of Stock

Anvil is the definitive authority on weapons. In fact, his book Zen & The Art of Arms Maintenance has made him the foremost authority on arms and armor in the whole of Arcadia. His unfortunate tendency to focus on his arts has led to quite a lot of confusion in pitched battles (most notably in the enemy ranks, when he seizes their blades and hands them back better than new). However, the benefits to his guildmates is unquestioned. With Anvil on your side, your steel will literally shine all the brighter!

Something bad happened to Valma as a child, in fact, many bad things. The midwife dropped her when she was born. Her pet wolf used her as a chew toy. She ate food that fell on the floor, and she never washed her hands (except after using the outhouse because she didnt want to be that gross). These childhood tragedies could have been the start of a tragic tale, but not for Valma. As she grew older, she got stronger, faster, and even used the wolf as a chew toy (although she also developed a fondness for kittens and unicorns). Whether shes come to Inferno to help her guild or not is an open question, but shes certainly come to fight.

Price: 14.49
       (RRP is 17.99)