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Android Netrunner LCG: Humanity's Shadow Data Pack

FFGADN06 Android Netrunner LCG: Humanity's Shadow Data Pack published by Fantasy Flight Games

Hardware and programs drive efficiency, but talent trumps them both in Humanitys Shadow, the fourth Data Pack in the Genesis Cycle! In the future of Android: Netrunner, humans compete for work with bioroids and clones. Business is built as much from programs and hardware as from cash and concrete. To find your way in this tech-centric world, you need to be savvy to the latest upgrades, and you need a good deal of imagination. Humanitys Shadow gives you a chance to get your hands on both the most bleeding edge technology and the talent you need to make it sing.

With a new Criminal identity, a daring new resource, and unique sysops for the Corporations, Humanitys Shadow profiles some of the most talented individuals pulling the strings behind the games cyberstruggles. New events for the Runners allow you to customize your strategies while the games Corporations look to increase their security with a more hands-on approach based upon new operations, talented sysops, traces, and traps.


This is not a stand-alone deck. An Android: Netrunner The Card Game core set is required to play.

Price: 11.49
       (RRP is 13.99)