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12 Realms Board Game: Ghost Town Expansion

MGA030 12 Realms Board Game: Ghost Town Expansion published by Mage Company

MGA030: 12 Realms Board Game: Ghost Town Expansion is Out of Stock

The epic journey continues as 12 Realms return with an expansion entitled Ghost Town! A new Realm is now challenging the heroes of the Fairy world and you must be ready to face the dark forces lie hidden in it. In this realm there is no Town because the Dark Lords cursed it and one the Heroes is trapped in there.

Your object is to find the three missing items of the Marshall. You must complete this task before the Invasion Marker reaches number 16. When you find all the items, the Town will appear once again and then you will be able to travel to that Realm and help the trapped Hero to defeat all the Invaders.

You must be very careful! The Ghost Town invaders have different abilities. As long as the Town is not visible you have to fight their Ghost side..!

Contents: 1 Realm Map, 1 Wooden Invasion Marker, 1 Ghost Seal token, 14 Tokens (Invaders, Artifacts & Treasures), 2 Dark Lord tokens, 3 Saloon Tokens, 3 Marshalls Item cards, 19 Ghost Town cards, 1 Rulebook, 2 Dark Lord Minis, 2 Hero Minis, 2 Ghost Minis.

Price: 19.99
       (RRP is 24.99)